Jade Stone Art

Many artist render our cutting and polishing services to prepare or finish their masterpieces. In the Briske's spare time they have come up with some of their own as well. Here are some of our favorites that are available for purchase and placement as you see fit.

Carved Jade
                  Sculpture Jade Bowl
Jade Sculpture aprox. 6 1/2" tall on Jade base
Jade Bowl on Jade topped stand SOLD
                  Jade Sculpture Carved Jade Art
Jade Sculpture 4' tall on Jade Base
Six Foot Tall Jade Statue
                  Sculpture Jade Stone Bookends
4" x 9" Waterfod Crystal Eagle perched atop a Natural Polished Jade Base

Jade Bowl Jade Lamp Shade
Large Jade Bowl with Gold Leaf
Jade "Tiffany" style lampshade with hammered steel legs
Jade Platter Jade Stone
Jade Platter available in many sizes
Jade Clocks available in various shapes and sizes