Jade & Olivine Stone Benches

Adorning city and state parks throughout the NW, our benches have made their mark. Not only do we provide a natural esthetic to our designs we provide a high quality bench that will withstand all the elements. Our benches look new, year after year, the hardness of the stone and polished surfaces will keep yours scratch, fade, and moss free. Sizes and configurations range we have provided some benches and their retail prices below, if you have a particular size/shape in mind don't hesitate to inquire.

Jade Stone Fountain Olivine Stone
92" x 35" x 31" Jade Fountain W/Bubbling pools
Multiple Olivine Benches ready to go out to Bellingham City Parks Department. Park planners contact us for special rates
Olivine Stone Bench Olivine
                  Stone Bench
Basalt Bench with high polish
Large Olivine Bench
Jade Stone Bench
77" x 33" Jade Yard Bench