You can put a price on diamonds and gold, but jade is priceless.

Princess Jade

Princess Jade was established in 1995 by Dean and Kathy Briske. The company has set milestones for the creative uses of Nephrite Jade and creates standardized and custom-made pieces in a wide array.

As well as Jade we have many clients who prefer our Olivine stone to Granite, Marble and Slate. Due to its hardness and original appeal it really brings creativity to a project. On top of all this we are able to offer Olivine projects at prices equal to granite etc...

Please enjoy our galleries and feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a private visit to our On-site Showroom.

Due to the years of quality work we've done there is a library of documents covering some of our past projects feel free browse them as a reference to our level of dedication to quality.